Arizona bill would require study of adding SCID newborn screening

footRepresentatives in Arizona introduced HB 2491, an act amending section 36-694, Arizona revised statutes; relating to the newborn screening program. In addition to allowing the department of health to designate another laboratory to process newborn screening tests and requiring the adoption of newborn screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease, this bill also allows the department to adopt rules to add SCID to the state newborn screening panel. So, while this bill would not mandate the addition of SCID newborn screening, it does require that the state do an analysis on adding SCID to the newborn screening panel and gives Arizona the option to send newborn screening blood spots to commercial labs with the hope  that this will expedite the state’s ability to screen for additional conditions.

Read the IDF letter of support for HB 2491 for additional information.

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