Current Status of SCID Newborn Screening Implementation

Below is a map that IDF showed at the IDF 2011 National Conference showing the status of implementation for SCID screening across the country.  This status is in a constant state of flux as more states vote to add SCID to their state newborn screening panels and others that voted to recommend last year actually begin screening this year.  For example, states like Michigan, Colorado, and Delaware are well on their way to implementing SCID screening and plan to begin screening for SCID this year!  Currently the status of implementation based on information known to IDF is:

States and Territories Currently Screening for SCID:
Wisconsin                            Massachusetts
California                             New York
Louisiana                             Puerto Rico
Texas* – limited pilot program in select hospitals, screening ~20,000 of the states’ newborns
Pennsylvania* – in select hospitals
A portion of the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico

States that have voted to begin screening through legislation or their Newborn Screening Advisory Committees :
Colorado                              Iowa
Minnesota                          Michigan
Delaware                             Rhode Island
North Carolina                   Florida
Illinois                                   District of Columbia
New Jersey                        Oklahoma
Connecticut                        Maryland