Get Ready for SCID Screening, North Carolina!

Dr. Rebecca Buckley, Chair of the IDF Medical Advisory Committee and SCID specialist at Duke University, presented before the North Carolina Newborn Screening Advisory Committee January 7, 2011 along with Eric Wolford of Talecris Biotherapeutics encouraging the Committee to approve the federal recommendation that the state adopt newborn screening for SCID. At the conclusion of Dr. Buckley’s presentation, the Advisory Committee voted unanimously to recommend that North Carolina add the SCID test to the state’s newborn screening panel! Dr. Buckley had met with the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in October 2010 to discuss the importance of adding the SCID screening.  During these meetings, Dr. Buckley presented data from her work with SCID patients at Duke highlighting the importance of early detection to survival of those affected.  While this is wonderful news, this is still just the first step in the process.  North Carolina will need to equip their state lab with the necessary technology, train technicians, and make a definitive decision on how to fund the project.  During her meeting with the health department, Dr. Buckley was told by the Secretary that he would include funding for SCID screening in the budget of the new North Carolina Public Health Lab that is scheduled to open in 2012.  Hopefully, screening can begin shortly after the lab opens!

Dr. Buckley’s efforts show that with a convincing argument and data to back it up, we WILL be successful in our campaign goal to have SCID screening implemented in all 50 states!

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