New Study Confirms the Urgent Need for SCID Newborn Screening

JAMAJournal of American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study this week that supports IDF’s campaign to see universal newborn screening for SCID across the U.S.

The retrospective study of more than 3 million infants from 11 newborn screening programs found that 92% of infants with SCID who received early intervention, such as bone marrow transplants, survived.

The study also found an incidence of one case of SCID per 58,000, nearly twice the previously estimated rate of one in 100,000. The newborn screening test for SCID may also benefit infants with non-SCID conditions in which T lymphocytes may be dangerously low. This study confirms the undeniable value of early detection and treatment.

As IDF collaborates with states that still need to add SCID newborn screening to their standard screening panels, we can now provide published evidence that this screening saves lives.


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