IDF SCID Newborn Screening Campaign: 2016 Update

The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) proudly reports that seven states began screening for SCID in 2015: Oklahoma, Virginia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and South Dakota. The year closed with a total of 34 states screening for SCID, comprising 75% of all births in the U.S. Seven additional states are expected to begin screening in the first quarter of 2016, including Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The work of IDF and dedicated volunteers continues to cultivate new advocates and raise awareness about the urgency of screening for SCID in all 50 states!

Stay tuned for information about IDF’s Advocates Enhancing Access program in Indianapolis, IN on Saturday, May 7 where we will provide attendees with an overview of the status of SCID screening in the U.S. and teach participants how they can advocate to bring SCID screening to Indiana.




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