Illinois Marks the 20th State to Implement SCID Newborn Screening

On June 16, 2014 the State of Illinois announced the start of newborn screening for SCID!

Amy Walsh after giving testimony to IL State Senate
Amy Walsh after giving testimony to IL State Senate

Thank you to all of the advocates who have worked tirelessly to finally see this day. IDF Board Member Amy Walsh has advocated for the inclusion of SCID on the state’s newborn screening panel for years. Amy is the mother of a child born with a condition that would be identified through SCID newborn screening. Amy has shared her story to policymakers throughout the Land of Lincoln including providing testimony in the state senate in support of a bill that would require Illinois to begin SCID newborn screening.

In August 2011, the Governor of Illinois officially signed the bill into law that would make SCID newborn screening mandatory in the state. Finally, the promise of that law is fulfilled, and Amy’s hard work has paid off.

Click here to read the official statement from the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services. The state will now be testing newborns for 40 disorders.

Click here to find out how you can advocate for SCID newborn screening in your state and to see the current status of SCID newborn screening throughout the country.