Live Rotavirus Vaccine should NOT be given to SCID infants!

It would be amazing if IDF could mobilize efforts and nullify all administrative issues so that newborn screening for SCID could become universal throughout the United States overnight. Unfortunately, this is not the reality of the situation and despite IDF’s efforts and the efforts of IDF’s dedicated volunteers, many states are years away from implementation of SCID newborn screening. As a result of this reality, the IDF SCID Initiative with SCID, Angels for Life Foundation has undertaken the development and distribution of the Live Rotavirus Vaccine brochure to warn health care providers about the dangers of administering the Live Rotavirus vaccine to infants with SCID. The brochure explains the danger of administering the vaccine to infants with SCID and lists the signs and symptoms, as well as, actions to take prior to administration of the vaccine.  Already, the Florida Health Department has agreed to distribute the brochure to all pediatricians in the state and the Viriginia Department of Health will be putting the brochure up on their website.  Please feel free to make a copy of the brochure and share with your health care providers.  You can also contact IDF if you or your health care provider would like a larger number of copies to distribute.  It is important to note that the brochures are intended for the education of health care providers in states in which SCID newborn screening has not been implemented to prevent these babies from being given the rotavirus vaccine.