Maine, Rhode Island, and Oregon Join the Ranks of States Implementing Newborn Screening for SCID

August has been a major month for newborn screening for SCID with Maine, Rhode Island and Oregon joining the 21 other states now screening.doc and baby

Early this month, the states of Maine and Rhode Island officially added mandatory newborn screening for SCID.  “Screening all of our newborns for SCID will help make sure we detect this rare disease in time for Rhode Island families to access life-saving treatment,” said Michael Fine, M.D., Director of Health at State of Rhode Island Department of Health, “Without newborn screening, doctors are unlikely to diagnose SCID before it causes a serious or even deadly infection.”

This week, Oregon announced the beginning of their implementation of the screening as well. Although Oregon began screening just this week, the state added SCID to their newborn screening panel on May 1, 2014, so all babies born since that date will be screened for SCID using their dried blood spots.

Maine, Rhode Island and Oregon become the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th to adopt this vital practice and mark ongoing progress toward universal newborn screening for SCID in the U.S.

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Read about newborn screening for SCID in Oregon in the most recent addition of the Oregon Health Authority’s newsletter, the CD Summary.

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