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Iowa Newborn Screening Program: Screening for SCID could save lives of newborns

The recent addition of SCID to the newborn screening panel in Iowa was featured in the Southwest Iowa News on November 4, 2012. Representatives of the Iowa Department of Public Health discuss the significance of screening for SCID.  Click on the link below to read the full article. http://www.southwestiowanews.com/council_bluffs/news/new-screening-program-could-save-lives-of-newborns/article_34812fdc-2602-11e2-ae18-0019bb2963f4.html To learn more about the IDF

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Iowa Announces Pilot for SCID Newborn Screening

The Iowa Department of Public Health announced Wednesday, October 10, 2012 that the state is expanding its newborn screening program to include screening for SCID! Initially, Iowa will launch SCID screening as a pilot to ensure that the screening process meets the necessary standards, all babies are receiving the screen, and that any baby receiving

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National Newborn Screening Status Report Update

The U.S. National Screening Status Report lists the status of newborn screening in the United States.  Check out where your state stands with SCID newborn screening! http://genes-r-us.uthscsa.edu/nbsdisorders.pdf

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Statewide Screening for SCID becomes a reality in Delaware

Delaware has officially launched a pilot program to begin screening for SCID!  In recognition of the statewide screening, IDF volunteer and SCID mother Donna Sawyer visited the Delaware State Lab with her family on December 29, 2011 to see the new equipment and meet the staff running the SCID tests. Last year, Donna presented at

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Texas Mom continues her Struggle to Raise Awareness for SCID Screening

Texas mom Jennifer Garcia has made it her life’s mission to educate others about SCID and the importance of newborn screening since her son Cameron died of this devastating disease on March 30.  Jennifer and her husband had already had a healthy boy and were not anticipating any issues when Cameron was born late last

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One Year Update Report on SCID Screening

Below is the link to a report that the Health Resources and Services Administration submitted to the Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius at the one year mark to her decision to add SCID to the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel.  The report gives an update on the status of implementation of SCID screening

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Texas Mom speaks out for Newborn Screening

Jennifer Garcia lost her son when he was only nine months old in March 2011 from an infection that settled in his chest and developed into pneumonia before he was diagnosed with SCID.  What makes this story especially sad is that if Cameron Garcia had been born in another hospital in Texas that was participating

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SCID Screening for Texans

In collaboration with the New England Newborn Screening Program (which currently screens for SCID in Massachusetts), and with grant support from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Texas Newborn Screening Program is conducting a pilot study for SCID screening. This pilot is limited and not designed to be a state-wide program,

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SCID Newborn Screening Updates

There have been so many recent updates with the campaign to have universal SCID newborn screening, that it seemed helpful to make a comprehensive list of the current status of states where we know IDF volunteers are active on the SCID Newborn Screening Campaign in order to keep everyone up to date. States and Territories

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About IDF SCID Newborn Screening
Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID) is a primary immunodeficiency disease. Babies with SCID appear healthy at birth, but without early treatment, most often by bone marrow transplant from a healthy donor, these infants cannot survive. It is imperative therefore that newborn screening programs are established in all 50 states.

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