Where are they now?

State Newborn Screening Advisory Committees that recommended SCID in 2010 – How are they progressing toward implementation?


After a condition is recommended for addition to the Newborn Screening Panel by Colorado’s newborn screening advisory committee, the addition must be go before  the state Legislature to approve an increase in the fee charged for newborn screening.  The Joint Budget Committee of the Colorado Legislature officially approved the addition of SCID in March 2011.  The Department of Public Health and Environment plans to begin screening later this year, shooting for as early as July 2011!


There is no need for legislative approval to implement SCID screening in Delaware.  Rather, the ultimate decision lies with the Director of the Division of Public Health.  In February, the Director approved the Newborn Screening Program Advisory Committee’s recommendation and agreed to add SCID to the testing panel.  The Division of Public Health released a press release stating that the test will be added to the panel this year.


Iowa is in the process of determining whether they will be sending their specimens to Wisconsin or asking Wisconsin for assistance in setting up the protocols within Iowa.  The Department has stated that they are on track for the program and likely to begin a pilot screening in July 2011.


In January, the Michigan Department of Community Health created a committee responsible for the implementation of SCID newborn screening, the Michigan Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders Quality Improvement Committee.  This Committee is moving ahead and the start of screening is on target for October 2011.


Unfortunately, there is a great deal of opposition in Minnesota to mandatory newborn screening.  As a result of the contention surrounding this issue, including a State Supreme Court case about retention of blood spots and bills in the legislature about opting in to newborn screening rather than opting out, the implementation of SCID newborn screening has been delayed.  The Department of Health remains hopeful of adding SCID and moving forward in the future.

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